About The Leeds Guardian

Leeds Town Hall

What are the people of Leeds talking about today? What are the big civic issues affecting Leeds and its communities?

Those are the questions we’re aiming to answer on The Leeds Guardian!

Whether its the latest decisions from Leeds Civic Hall about the future of Kirkgate Market and issues surrounding council Leeds Kirkgate Marketcutbacks or we’re looking at public transport and the controversy surrounding  the new Leeds Trolleybus scheme and HS2, we aim to connect people with the decision making process and with civic life in the city.

Not only will we bring you the latest reports, we aim to help people become more powerful in the civic and democratic parts of their lives. We’ve linked up with the online democracy folks at My Society – which builds websites which benefit the civic and community aspects of people’s lives – to help you access some terrific online tools and get things changed.

You got problems with things like potholes in the road? Flytipping or broken street lights? Well now you can  report it – and track similar problems across the city and in your neighbourhood – by checking out our council section.

Bus always late? Train never on time? Bus stop vandalised? We’ve also got our eye on public transport.

And would you like to ask the council, police authority or any public sector organisation for some of the recorded information they have? Our FOI section helps you out.

We’re also very clear – this is YOUR website. We welcome contributions from you and value working in collaboration with you – so we’ve got our own Leeds Reportage section where you can contribute information, stories, videos and photographs to The Leeds Guardian. We also hold regular open news meetings in Leeds and hold Google+ hangouts.

Your can also write to your local councillors about local issues, and follow your local MP’s actions here.

Feel free to contact us with your stories, guest posts and information.


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