Hunslet McDonald’s gets nod for 24-hour opening

Leeds planners today approved fast food chain McDonald’s bid to open 24 hours a day at its branch off Low Road, Hunslet.

The restaurant currently opens 5am to midnight Sundays to Wednesdays and 5am to 1am Thursday to Saturdays.

mcdonaldsCouncillors on the south and west plans panel today heard that McDonald’s, which opened in Hunslet in 1995, had previously applied to increase its opening hours but failed due to concerns over increased noise.

Apparently previous refusals – the latest was in 2011 – had been made without a noise assessment being carried out. This time McDonald’s carried out a noise assessment to see if nearby houses on the other side of the road would be affected but it was found that opening 24 hours would not increase noise in an already busy area.

The assessment findings were backed by the council’s environmental health officers.

Pudsey councillor Mick Coulson said that there had been no objections from residents over the busy main road and could find no reason to refuse.

City and Hunslet councillor Elizabeth Nash added:

“The local residents are not the kind of people who come forward very quickly on things like this. It takes a lot to get them to see a councillor or get in touch with the local authority. I was initially concerned that it would generate more traffic and affect residents further down Low Road.”

Cllr Nash said she was pleased to see that the revised opening hours would be initially for a year, with the hours reviewed after a year.

Seven councillors voted to approve the plan, with Cllr Nash abstaining.


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